Celebrate The Best Friends Day Because Having A Friend Is A Good Reason

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"Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say."

Loads of short messages do the round of mobile phones through the year, highlighting some aspect of friendship or the other. Some are nice, some are flattering, some naïve, some shallow. They all seem to point out that friendship is the best thing going for the insecure human psyche. What they fall short of explaining is how we know who is my friend, who it is that I can link these lovely slogans with and who it is that makes the bar as 'best friend'.

Best friends are difficult to find, hard to identify and tough to hold on. You may be worrying and helping your resources off for a person you think to be your friend and then find the person take a step up the ladder with your shoulders as the pedestal. You could also be pouring your heart out to a person taking the person to be a friend and find your innermost secrets written on the nearest wall. You could be taking on fights for a person only to find the same person blaming you for your unflinching support, accusing you of spoiling his or her 'reputation'.

Best friend cannot be pointed out; they are like moonlight. They are there during bright times, silent and diluted, but you see their shine when it is dark. You need to have a best friend in your life to know what they are. No amount of explanations or analysis can help you comprehend what a best friend is. Your best friend can do what others would not dream of doing for you. If on one hand it means standing by you when the whole world has turned its back on you, on the other hand it means forcing you to give up your bad ways, and even if he or she knows that you may not see reason and take it otherwise.

Best Friends Day is when you tell your friend what he or she means to you. It is when you tell your best friend that you could not have done without his or her support and how eternally thankful you are. I am lucky enough to have a best friend in my life. He is my support, my spinal cord and also the soft, tender nerve that runs through the tough exterior of the spine. I can turn to him in times of joy or despair; in loneliness or in the mind-boggling presence of prying people; in times of peace or in times of nerve-wracking stress.

Your Best Friend is your prized possession. They may not be valued in monetary terms, but they are worth more than all your money can possibly buy. Ask the unlucky millionaires; their money can get those sycophants but not friends. Express your gratitude and gratefulness to your best friend this Best Friends Day. As they say, you are lucky if you say you have a good friend, very lucky if you say you have two good friends and a liar if you say you have good three!